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Product Groups

Product Groups

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Feature Feature: Products
Editions Editions: Cloud, Corporate, Store

Product Groups are the secondary level used to categorize the public product listings available in the Cart App, Order Pad, and ecommerce pages. They fit into the following categorization scheme:

  • Product sections contain product groups.
  • Product groups contain products.
  • A product group can belong to multiple product sections.
  • A product can belong to multiple product groups.
Standard Fields
  • Code is an unique identifier for the product group.
    • This value may be referenced by other systems, including during import and export.
    • The value cannot be changed after the product group is first saved, unless the clerk has Change Codes permission.
  • Name is the name of the group. This value is displayed in product listings.
  • Display Order is the order in which the group is displayed, relative to other group. Groups with higher display orders are shown last. Otherwise, groups with the same display order are sorted alphabetically.
  • Banner is an optional product banner that is displayed at the top of the group.
  • Sections are the product sections that contain the group.
Media Field

Use the Media field to set the image that is displayed with the product group.

  • For some views – like in the Cart App – only the first image is shown.
  • You can drag & drop the images to re-order them.

The recommended size of group images is TODO pixels, or a similar aspect ratio.