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Version 5.2.0

Version 5.2.0

Release notes now include new features and bug fixes for all POS components. These components include:

  • POS Server
  • Fusion Register
  • POS Acumatica Customization Package
  • Gift/Loyalty Acumatica Customization Package
  • ASI & Comms
a) New Features

5512 Register – Use the Avalara API 2.0

  • Update the Register Direct Avalara integration to use version 2.0 of the Avatax API.
  • When possible, use the Hybrid Avalara integration instead (see below).
  • This mode does not require POS Server deployment and is intended for historical clients that do not have an POS Server environment configured.

6007 Sage 500 ASI – New parameters in POSASI configurations

  • Two parameters were changed in the A/R posting tab in the POS ASI configuration:
    • Delivery is set to Always Counter Sale for all transactions, regardless of the line level delivery type.
    • The Register/TranNo is no longer written to the customer PO screen.
  • These behavior changes are an optional configuration.

6046Update Crystal receipt printing to print EMV fields

  • Show the EMV field in the payment receipt reports for the customer, which is a new field for card payments with the Fortis provider.
  • This change is to complement the Fortis payments integration performed in POS 5.1.

6239 6240 Hybrid Avalara and tax API

  • New POS Server Tax Module and API to handle tax calculation using external providers e.g. Avalara.
  • The Register now can use this new API.
  • Hybrid mode enables Basic Tax (store-based taxes) to be used for carry out (closed) transactions – vastly reducing Avalara transactional costs.

QA: Full testing is required for three scenarios: Basic Tax feature enabled; Avatax feature enabled; and Avatax feature with Hybrid Tax mode enabled. These three tax calculation modes are new to POS Server.

6253Sage 100 ASI – Custom mod to skip pricing rules during Inventory Sync

  • The POSASI_SAGE 100 version integrates a new feature to skip the downsync of the pricing/pricing level tables from the SAGE.
  • The option is added to the Distribute Accounting System Information screen as a Do not sync pricing rules checkbox.
  • Note: the option is saved (only) after the processing is run.

6263Register – Handle PG Cloud partially approved authorization status

  • Allow to the register handle the partial approved authorization status sent by PG Cloud.
  • This is more of a bug, but it is due to a change in behavior with PG Cloud.
b) Bug Fixes

6140 No obvious “Subject to discount” option for non-stock items

  • This option has been made more visible.

6223 Register – Gift Card intermittently freezes

  • The error of using the gift card process and leaving it open or exiting the note and using it again has been fixed.

6264 Fix posting errors with Acumatica ASI:

  • Another process has added the ‘usrSSYHOrderSalesPeople’ record.
  • Payment.OrdersToApply[0].AppliedToOrder: Incorrect value. The value to be entered must be less than or equal to X.

6334 Sage 500 handling of % versus $ discount rules

  • The error of using the gift card process and leaving it open or exiting the note and using it again has been fixed.

6334 Sage 500 handling of % versus $ discount rules

  • Sage 500 Markup % pricing rules are coming into Fusion as ‘D’ rules, meaning that the breakout amount is added to the base price, rather than being used as a % value added to the item cost.
  • Note that Fusion cannot currently support Sage Markup % pricing rule sets that contain rules for both average and standard cost. In Fusion, one must elect use of either average or standard cost only.

6351 Logs in the Logs/ASI/Debug folder were exceeding disc capacity.

  • This was due to an long default log expiry.
  • The log expiry is now hard-coded to 10 days, and the option to change the expiry has been removed.

6366 Acumatica ASI is sending Hold column with value 1 on the Acumatica SOOrder

  • Acumatica has changed how it process held and released sales orders.
  • This change updates the ASI to use the new approach (using actions).
c) Other

5983 6357 Fusion POS 5.2 and WMS 8.13 customization packages can be deployed together

  • Previously, WMS and POS core functionality shared the same core logic and data fields and were separated into their own customization packages.
  • A known limitation was that POS and WMS could not be deployed together concurrently.
  • This limitation has been removed – obsolete/redundant WMS code has been removed from the POS Acumatica customization package (and vice versa).

6112 6289 6334 Upgrade Register & components project files

  • Update projects to latest tools.
  • Includes updates to the FoxPro support libraries.
  • Centralize version information.
  • Full regression tests are required.

QA: full regression tests should be performed on Acumatica integration when both WMS 8.13 and POS 5.2 customization packages are published in Acumatica.

6113 XML ASI Build changes to support TLS 1.2

  • This caused compatibility issues with other components that required TLS 1.2.

6289 Centralize Register version number files

  • Added procedure that compiles all versions and products with the correct version just by editing a file.

6339 .NET List usage improvements

  • Improvements to how the Acumatica ASI internally process records.
  • Full regression tests of the Acumatica ASI are required.