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Welcome to Fusion POS!

This site contains help documentation for the Fusion POS web-admin user interface. You can reach this help document by clicking the Help menu on the top-right corner of Fusion POS at any time.

In many cases, the Help menu will direct you to a help page that is appropriate to the current page you are viewing in POS. If there is no specific help page for the POS page, you are shown this home page.

Help Sections

The help documentation is divided into multiple sections. Depending on your POS user account permissions, you may not be able to access the POS functionality described in each section. In many cases, Fusion personnel will install and configure POS for you; however this documentation is included as it may help you understand the installation and on-boarding process.


Configuration describes how POS can be configured. It is intended primarily for Fusion personnel and – in some cases – client managers.


POS API describes the POS application programming interface, and how it can be used to integrate POS with other software systems.

Installation Support

Installation Support covers installation technical details, and is intended for Fusion Support personnel.

Release Notes

Release Notes documents the release history of POS, including new features and bug fixes addressed in each release.


Some functionality described in this help documentation may not be available in your Fusion POS installation. POS is modular, and the available functionality will depend on the features that are purchased and/or enabled in your POS installation.

Help topics will generally indicate the feature(s) that must be enabled for the functionality described in the topic to be available.


Help topics generally identify the menu of the POS page that they describe, to enable you to quickly navigate to the POS page.

By convention, the full ‘path’ of the menu is provided, so that the parent menu and any child menus are indicated. For example, if a help topic displays its menu as Customers / Members, this indicates the Members child menu of the Customers menu should be clicked to access the functionality described in the topic.

POS Editions

Furthermore, not all features are available in each edition of Fusion POS. POS may be deployed to a number of different environments, which are each served by a different POS edition:

  • Cloud is the edition that is hosted by Fusion. It maintains the centralized data and configuration for a client’s entire operations.
  • Corporate is the edition that is optionally deployed at the client’s corporate headquarters. This edition supports certain extended functionality such as ERP integration and other advanced or legacy features.
  • Store is the edition of POS that is deployed at a client’s store/retail environments.

Fusion POS Cloud edition is currently under development. During this development phase, the Corporate edition temporarily includes some of the functionality that will be implemented exclusively in Cloud edition.

In help topics, we’ve indicated this type of scenario by placing an asterisk (*) by the Corporate edition label.