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The Events page enables you to manage and schedule special events that are published to your customers. Events are listed in the Cart App and ecommerce pages (at the /events URL).

Standard Fields
Date Fields

There are four fields that are used to represent the event’s schedule date and/or time. Only StartDate is required; the other fields are optional:

  • Start Date is the day that the event starts.
  • Start Time is the time of day that the event starts. Leave this blank if the event is for the entire day.
  • End Date is the day that the event ends. Leave this blank if the event ends on the same day as it starts.
  • End Time is the time of day that the event ends. Leave this blank if the event is for the entire day.

In other words:

  • If the event is a single day event, set only Start Date.
  • If the event spans multiple days, from the start of the first day to the end of the last day, set Start Date and End Date.
  • If the event lasts for a specific time period on a single day, set Start Date, Start Time and End Time.
  • Otherwise set all fields.

All dates and times are local to the Fusion POS current time zone setting.

Permalink Field

The Permalink field indicates the URL to the event that is generated automatically for the event, relative to the site’s base URL. The URL is generated based on the start date and name of the event, which helps for search engine optimization of ecommerce pages.

After initial save of the event, the permalink is not re-generated by default to ensure that the change will not break existing links to the event page (e.g. from search engines or sharing of the event page). If you are confident that the permalink should be re-generated to handle a new start date and/or event name, you can select Refresh the path when re-publishing the event.

Media Field

Use the Media field to set the images that are displayed for the event.

  • Multiple images can be uploaded. All images are shown in the event’s detail page as an image gallery.
  • The first image is considered the event’s default image, and is shown in event listings.
  • You can drag & drop the images to re-order them.

The recommended size of event images is TODO pixels, or a similar aspect ratio.

Address & Contact Fields

Use the address and contact fields to specify optional information about the event. These fields, if specified, are displayed on the public page for the event.

A future version of POS will show the participating stores (locations) where the event occurs. This information will be an alternative to specifying a custom address and contact information for the event.