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Menu Menu: Manage POS / Diagnostics
Feature Feature: Base
Editions Editions: Cloud, Corporate, Store

Use diagnostics to test Fusion POS configuration, infrastructure and operation. These tests can be performed at any time, and are particular helpful to confirm that a new installation is working as expected.

The Minimum Level option specifies the minimum level of diagnostic messages to display when you click the Run button. The levels are:

  • Errors – show error messages only.
  • Warnings – show warning and error messages only.
  • Info – show informational, warning and error messages.
  • Verbose – show all diagnostic messages, including detailed trace messages.

The Verbose level also perfoPOS additional diagnostic checks, including checks that take additional resources and time to run. The default diagnostic level is Info, as you typically don’t want the added overhead of the verbose checks every time you run diagnostics.

A good practice for diagnostics is to run Info-level tests first, and if they succeed, then run a Verbose-level test to include the additional diagnostic checks.