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Version 0.14.0

Version 0.14.0

a) New Features

5401 , 5417 Save and recall orders in Order Pad

  • Enables Order Pad users to save an order they are assembling, and recall it later.

4973 API endpoint: purchaseAdd

  • This API can be used to record sales activity from external systems, such as ERPs.
  • Some changes to the OL_PurchaseLineItem table were required; data migrations should perform these changes automatically.

5003 Optionally gather address/contact information on registration

  • This feature is optional, and enabled in Membership Settings.
  • When enabled, the member registration process will require that the member enters an address and other contact information.
  • This feature is typically enabled when POS is integrated with an ERP that requires address and contact information, and POS(via the Windows Register settings) is configured to create accounting customers.
  • If POS is configured to create accounting customers, but this feature is not enabled, POS will create marketing-only customers.

5046 Save address/contact info when creating a customer from the checkout process.

  • This feature is related to 5003.
  • Any address and contact information gathered by checkout will be saved if checkout is the customer indicates they want to create a membership.
  • If the 5003 feature is enabled, and checkout has not gathered an address or contact information, the checkout process will not show the option to create a member account.

5095 POS Installer

  • POS can now be installed via an install program, either as a new install or an upgrade.
  • The install is performed directly against the target computer (Docker installation is not supported).

5336 API endpoint: sale

  • This API endpoint can be used to obtain sale transaction details.

5337 API endpoints: item, itemWarehouse, itemSerialLot

  • These API endpoints can be used to obtain inventory details.

5362 , 5480 Customer/Member Import

  • An import function has been added to enable import of marketing customer data.
  • This import can also assign create loyalty membership records.
  • The import function will be extended with additional data types in the future; it is available in the Configuration/POS Import menu.
  • The import UI provides a guided walk-through of the process, and will validate data to ensure that it is correct prior to import.
  • A new Membership Level Code field was added to identify the membership levels.
    • The Code field was added so the member import can easily reference each member’s membership level.

Action Needed: Support must enter values for the new Membership Level
field after POS has been upgraded.

b) Bug Fixes

5455 Product section API: “Error while trying to resolve path”

  • Certain GraphQL requests will fail with this error.
c) Other

5303 Apply data loader pattern to existing API endpoints

  • This is a performance optimization of several product APIs.

5303 POS now requires MultipleActiveResultSets

  • When creating a tenant, the database connection string should enable multiple active result sets (MARS).
  • This is required for some GraphQL queries.
  • The connection string should include the following argument: MultipleActiveResultSets=True

Action Needed: support and developers must ensure that this argument is added to existing database connection strings. You will need to review and update the appsettings.json file of all tenants.

5439 Upgrade to Orchard 1.1.0

  • The ASP.NET Core version has changed to 5.0.11. This should not require update of runtime environments on target computers.

5461 Move member logic to new Members module.

  • This move should be seamless.

Action Needed: may need to check that the Members modules is enabled in client installations.

5468 Update OnLoyalty admin UI

  • Hide features that have been moved to POS.
  • QA: see the ticket details for the list of changes and testing requirements.
d) KnownIssues

4871 Can’t install both OrderPad & Cart on the same Android device

  • This is a bug with the Facebook component.
  • This use case is not supported.

4966 Validations and Error Descriptions are missing in Products CSV Import

  • We should be adding better validation and error descriptions in the future.