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Version 5.1.0

Version 5.1.0

As of version 5.1.0, these release notes now include new features and bug fixes for all POS components. These components include:

  • POS Server
  • Fusion Register
  • POS Acumatica Customization Package
  • Gift/Loyalty Acumatica Customization Package
a) New Features

5055 Option to enter PIN when using gift card at tender

  • The register can optionally capture a PIN when funds are taken from a gift card.
  • The PIN is required if a PIN was supplied when the gift card was imported into POS.
  • This change covers using funds from a gift card during tender; PINS are never required for adding funds to a gift card.

5375Sage 100 ASI – Add Check Number to Payment

  • This version integrates a new feature to set in the Cash Receipts entry (Comments section) from sage, the check number when the payment method from an Account payment is check.

5720 Added Shipping details on XML Invoice Export

  • The Fusion XML ASI has a new tag to export the ShipTo field with all the shipping information.

5884 5999 Fortis Payments integration

  • Fortis Payments is now a supported payment method for Register transactions.
  • Card-present payments are supported.

Services: Fortis Payments integration requires the deployment and configuration of POS Server at each store location, along with the Fusion Register components.

6013 Auto-wake / keep-alive for tenants (keep background tasks active)

  • A new Fusion.XMS.Monitor Windows Service ensures that a POS Server’s tenants are kept alive.

  • This service solves an issues where a tenant’s background tasks will stop running if the ASP.NET worker process is terminated or recycled.

  • The POS Installer was updated to support this function:

    • The Installer now prompts the user to enter their logging key. This helps to ensure that logging is enabled immediately, so that configuration and monitoring issues are caught early.

    • The Installer configures the Monitor Service to run automatically for tenants that have been initialized and configured.

  • Monitor configuration is described here.

6041 TLS 1.2 Support

  • Most Fusion POS components now support TLS 1.2.
  • Exceptions are ASI XML, Fusion Reporting and the Authorize.Net payment integration.
  • ASI XML and Fusion Reporting will be addressed in the next version.
  • Authorize.Net is no longer be supported by Fusion, as of Jan 1, 2023.

Authorize.NET payments are no longer supported in the Fusion Register. Please contact customer service to discuss upgrade options.

6118 Rollup tax fixes: save as orders with IsTaxValid = true

  • This is a change in functionality to address a known issue with posting rollup transactions to Acumatica.
  • In the prior version, posting rollups as an Acumatica invoice could cause hard-to-diagnose problems with tax amounts.
    • Acumatica would re-calculate taxes when an invoice was saved. Depending on rounding, the tax calculated and collected by the Register might not match this value.
    • This problem is similar to the tax rounding issues that the Acumatica ASI has encountered in the past.
  • The solution is to save the rollup transaction as an Acumatica Sales Order, and include a flag to indicate that Acumatica should use the tax values supplied by POS (and not recalculate taxes).
  • To avoid complexity with credit memos and invoices, rollup processing now excludes transactions that have one or more refund line items. Such transactions will be processed with the regular ASI.

6190 Update POS version numbers from 0.17.0 to 5.1.0

  • Moving forward, all POS components now use the same MAJOR.MINOR version number scheme.
  • All components in this release now start with the 5.1.0 version number.
b) Bug Fixes

4736 Register Error: No service Handler found

  • Originally, the Register would contact the OnLoyalty API call to generate loyalty points when a transaction was tendered.
  • Recent changes to POS Server include that points are generated automatically, after transactions are sent to the Corporate environment. The OnLoyalty API calls were temporarily ‘stubbed out’ so that old Register versions would not need to be re-deployed.
  • This is part two of a POS Server change, where backend loyalty points processing no longer requires the Register to provide transaction information when transactions are made.

4981 Failure to save purchases with loyalty points

  • A “Code not found” error was displayed when attempting to save payments that generated loyalty points.
  • This has been fixed, along with 4736.

5414 XML ASI Required Fields defined

  • Some fields in the XMS ASI were not properly defined, and although they were not required, the app was crashing when nulls values were set.
  • Now Only Defined Required fields are mandatory and anything else can be left as blank.

5662 Fixed issues disabling new option “Print Customer Accounting ID” in POS Admin

  • If the parent option “Print customer billing address” as well as sub-option “Print Customer Accounting ID” in POS Admin were enabled and checked off, when disabling the parent option, the sub-option “Print Customer Accounting ID” stayed enabled and checked off.

5752 Individual Store Posting Error reporting for Sage 500 ASI

  • If one store’s posting used to fail, but another store’s succeeded after that failure, the ASI was reporting that all was well.

5988 Debug log issues.

  • Due to massive log files, the Debug logging tracking time changed from 100+ days to 15 days.
  • The disabled checkbox in the UI was removed to avoid confusion, as this feature is not optional.

6012 Fixed memory leaks.

  • Fixed minor memory leaks that were affecting the Register performance.
c) Other

There are no changes for the following components for this release:

  • Acumatica ASI
  • POS Acumatica Customization Package
  • Loyalty/Gift Card Customization Package

The version numbers of these components have been upgraded to 5.1.0, however.