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Use this page to control the integration with your Acumatica ERP system. All fields must be entered to provide access to your Acumatica account. These fields include:

  • Service URL is the URL to the Acumatica server.
  • Company is the name of the Acumatica company on the server.
  • User Name is the user name of the account used to connect to the server.
  • Password is the password of the account used to connect to the server. This value is securely stored within RMS.

You can use the Diagnostics page to test your Acumatica connection. Diagnostics will:

  • attempt to connect to your Acumatica server
  • check your Acumatica server version to ensure that it is compatible
  • check that compatible Fusion customization package versions are installed
  • display server and version details

Acumatica integration requires installation of the Fusion customization package into Acumatica.

In addition, you must enable the Acumatica feature version in RMS that best matches your Acumatica version. For example, if you are connecting to Acumatica 20R2, you would enable the Acumatica 20R2 feature in RMS.