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This template is for emails that are sent to customers when they place/submit an order, e.g. during order checkout. The email will typically contain a thank you message, as well as a URL that references a web page where order details are shown.

Emails are only sent for orders where two conditions match. First, the order must have an email address saved with it – without an email address, notification emails cannot be sent. Second, the checkout method associated with the order must have a value set for the Message Template ID property.

Checkout Methods

When overriding this template, you can override the TemplateOrderPlaced template to provide a default message that is shown for all types of orders.

Alternatively, you can supply an alternate template that is tailored only to some checkout methods. You can do this by specifying a value for the checkout method’s Message Template ID field, and then create a new template that includes that value, named as TemplateOrderPlaced_{MessageTemplateId}.

For example, if the checkout method’s Message Template Id is Shipped, then the template name would be TemplateOrderPlaced_Shipped. If that template cannot be found, then the default TemplateOrderPlaced template will be used.

Input Variables
  • Model
    • AboutLinks
      • InfoSiteTitle
      • InfoSiteUrl
      • Copyright
      • TermsUrl
      • Phone
      • Email
      • AppleStoreUrl
      • PlayStoreUrl
      • FacebookAppId
      • TwitterName
  • Order
    • OrderId
    • FulfillmentStatus
    • CustomerId
    • CustomerName
    • OrderDate
    • FulfillByDate
    • Email
    • Comment
    • Shipping – object
    • Items – array
    • DiscountTotal
    • SubTotal
    • Tax
    • Total
    • PaymentTotal
    • Balance
    • SiteName
  • ViewOrderUrl