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Version 5.2.4

Version 5.2.4

Release notes now include new features and bug fixes for all POS components. These components include:

  • POS Server
  • Fusion POS
  • ASI Acu
Bug Fixes / Critical Improvements

660 POS Server – Rollup process should support Acumatica 22R2, 23R1

  • Includes support for Acumatica 22R2 and 23R1.

532 Fusion POS – Downsync Inner Exception Message: The wait operation timed out

  • The GI FR-CustomerList was rebuilt from scratch and optimized for versions 22R1,22R2,23R1.

629 ASI Acu – Dowsync process InventoryLocation data is not being downloaded for lot-tracked Items

  • Fix restrict items by inventory class option for versions 22R1,22R2,23R1.