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Version 5.2.12

Version 5.2.12

Release notes now include new features and bug fixes for all POS components. These components include:

  • Order Pad
  • Windows Discovery
  • Fusion Register
a) New Features

1338 Windows Discovery – Allow assigning the NP status to transactions through the app

  • It was added to be able to assign the NP state in the records.
  • If Discovery sets the status NP on the order, the payment status is automatically set to NP for all payments (regardless of current status).
  • It is validated that the NP status can only be used when Acumatica is configured as ERP.
b) Bug Fixes / Critical Improvements

1397 Fusion Register – Purchase or Replenish gift cards in POS – multiple problems / misunderstanding

  • Validation is added to make the Electronic card control invisible and can not be selected, this is only when XMS Onloyalty is configured in the Register Class. Physical card is always sent for the process API when XMS Onloyalty is configured in the Register Class.

1401 Order Pad – Cart app – problems scanning barcode

  • The barcode image is rotated, leaving it vertical for better reading.
  • NOTE: It is recommended to adjust/increase the brightness of the device which helps in reading the code.

1454 POS ACU – Acumatica Invoice – Object reference not set to an instance of an object after fix the store code in the warehouse setup

  • The error is detected due to missing validation when the system is not multi-tenant and “PXAccess.GetCompanyName()” is used. In this scenario, there was only one company, so the function and the variable remained null. Upon identifying this, validation is implemented to return an empty value to avoid breaking the flow. The solution is replicated in all functions where PXAccess.GetCompanyName() is called.
c) Other

1399 POS ACU – Loyalty – misc SKUs not working.

  • After reviewing, the reported issue is not a bug, there was an error in the rule configuration.
  • In the rule you can configure a filter to be applied to each line item, this filter uses the SKU of the product. For the test that was carried out, the product has the SKU “GC” but the rule in the filter had “/GC”.
  • Solution: The filter item SKU in the rule must have the same value as the product SKU.

1404 POS ACU – Confirmation email isn’t sending.

  • After verifying the reported problem, it is not an error because it was presented using a O365 account but the workaround was not applied. Tests were done using the google mail server and it worked fine. A test was also made using an external test mail server which worked correctly.
  • Workaround for O365 :

1407 POS Server – Confusing ‘do you want to grant Fusion Cart access to your data’ message upon login.

  • After review, this was not an error, it was verified that in the XMS it is not configured correctly, OpenId Connect/Settings/Authorization Server/ Allow Client Credentials flow was disabled. We enable the option and run a test with a new user and the reported message is not showing now.
  • Apparently, this configuration was modified after the creation and configuration of the XMS.
  • For support – if this happens again, either manually edit the settings, or run the Setup Guide again.

1370 ASI ACU – Dowsync process – Message: Unrecognized message version

  • The problem is that it seems the SOAP request does not support special characters when making the PUT request to Acumatica during pagination to retrieve records in sets of 1000. The error returned does not specify which record is causing the issue. I have to identify the record by testing with the ASI code. Once I find it, I provide the error to support. The special character that I found in the item’s description was ASCII code 254 = ■ (black square, graphic character)