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Feature Feature: AWS Provisioning, AWS S3
Editions Editions: Cloud, Corporate, Store

This topic is for reference purposes only. Use AWS provisioning to automatically create these resources for each organization.

Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN), which increases the performance of how media gallery images and other files are delivered to web and mobile users.

Cloudfront integration should always be integrated for Cloud tenants. It is recommended to also enable the Cloudfront integration for Corporate and Store tenants, but it may be disabled if those tenants go long periods without internet connectivity.

The provisioning process automatically creates a CloudFront distribution.

  • The Origin Domain Name is the domain name of the client’s S3 bucket.
    • An example is
  • The Origin Path is always /pub.
    • Only the pub S3 folder contains files that are readable by anonymous web and mobile users.
  • Price Class is set to Use only US, Canada and Europe.
    • This value should be good for Mexico as well.
    • Contact Fusion development if we need additional region support.
  • The comment is set to the client ID, e.g. xmsqa1.
  • A ClientID tag is added to specify the client ID, which is useful for AWS billing reports.