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GiftCard Clean Task

GiftCard Clean Task

Feature Feature: GiftCards, OnLoyalty
Editions Editions: Cloud

The Fusion.XMS.GiftCards.Tasks.GiftCardCleanTask task is run by the GiftCards feature to automatically cancel any stale gift card authorizations that have not been captured yet.

In normal processing, gift card transactions that are initiated by a source device – such as Fusion Register or ecommerce site – will authorize a transaction and then explicitly capture or cancel the authorization. There’s a possibility that the source device will not complete the explicit capture or cancellation, e.g. if the network fails or the device has a problem.

This background task will automatically cancel any gift card transactions that have not been explicitly captured or authorized or cancelled, after a specific time period. This behavior ensures that funds are returned to the card if necessary.

The auto-cancellation time period can be set in Gift Card Settings.