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Version 5.2.9

Version 5.2.9

Release notes now include new features and bug fixes for all POS components. These components include:

  • Fusion Register
  • POS Server
  • Order Pad
  • ASI SAGE 500
a) New Features

1339 ASI ACU – The FI Order is left as Open status instead of ONHOLD when an error happens

  • The logic was created for FI, FO, and FR orders, in the event that they fail during the order creation process, to be placed in the OnHold status. This approach was implemented for versions 22R2 and 23R1.
Bug Fixes / Critical Improvements

1297 POS ACU – 4ST – Shop Order SH0000002 still not releasing invoice

  • The exception handling is modified to detect whether the error originates from Acumatica or any API, particularly XMS. When the error comes from XMS, the message is added to the trace using PXTrace, and if it originates from Acumatica, a throw is executed. Additionally, a new status (PNA – Points Not Applied) is added to the purchase to identify when it has not been sent to XMS.

1313 POS ACU – Licensing package triggering Acumatica restart – storing license file in bin folder

  • This fix does not respect multi-tenant scenarios. See 1352 for more information.

Do NOT deploy this fix to environments that have enabled multi-tenant (multi-company) support.

247 ASI ACU – FusionPOS Avalara Tax Exemption Changes for 22R2 and Higher

  • Changes were made to the FusionPOS package and the FusionPOS code to support the new field ‘Tax Exemption Number’ in versions 22R2 and 23R1. We’ve enhanced the way customer data is handled during download. Now, when you download customer information, the following changes will apply:
    • If the ‘Use Tax Registration’ checkbox is unchecked, the default value stored in the database field will be the ‘Tax Exemption Number’.
    • If the ‘Use Tax Registration’ checkbox is marked, the value of the ‘Tax Exemption Number’ will not be automatically downloaded. Instead, the ‘Tax Registration ID’ will be downloaded.
    • When a customer is created in Acumatica, the ASI will read the TaxIDNo field from the PosCustomer table in Fusion and then populate the TaxRegistration and TaxZone fields in the Shipping tab of the customer screen in Acumatica.

1290 ASI ACU – Posting transaction NP trsanction are not posted in Acumatica with the status Onhold

  • We have successfully resolved an issue that was affecting the status of orders when the payment creation process failed in Acumatica. Previously, when payment creation failed, the order remained in an “Open” status, even though it should have been in an “OnHold” status. With this fix, orders will now consistently maintain the “OnHold” status when the payment creation process fails in Acumatica.
  • The method that puts the order in OnHold was fixed for version 22R1,22R2 and 23R1.

562 Fusion Register – Reprint transactions with same transaction number

  • The information arrives correctly in the tables, but the rpt was reading table fields that should not be, the change was made with Oscar and the tests were carried out.

1228 Order Pad – Multiple bugs/UI behavior in Cart app

    • A new Slider component has been added to select the number of points (indicating the number of points and its equivalent in $ at the bottom of it). Only increments of $1 (no cents) will be added, except that the maximum may result in cents (for example, $10.26). The default slider selection is the rightmost amount (total points that can be redeemed).
    • New validations are added:
      • If there is a zero points balance: Show “Points cannot be redeemed, since your points balance is 0”.
      • If points cannot be redeemed for the month: Show “All available points have been redeemed for this month”.
      • If maximum is selected, and there would be remaining balance.
    • Display a hint notice: “You will have X points left, which can be redeemed in the next few months”
    • The title of the name of the PERSONAL card is changed to VIRTUAL.
    • The size of the gift card barcode has been enlarged to make it easier to read.
    • In the Locations module, validations are added to indicate when the store address is not set and the store location is not displayed unless its location is set from the Server (a Google API key is required for this).
  • The default values ​​for latitude and longitude were changed in XMS to null in the locations. Added a validation in the APP to handle null values ​​in the locations.

333 Fusion Register – Auto Apply Advanced pricing and discount rules (Order Pad)

  • When a Quote with status OP (from the Order Pad) is opened, the register will carry out the necessary validations and processes to execute the pricing rules. When the Quote is saved it changes to QT.

1342 POS Server – Order Pad should create OP-type quote

  • Added a new XaltStatus code for handling quotes created from order pad .

341 ASI SAGE 500 – SAGE 500 ASI Timeout

  • The inventory sync’s main query was reworked to improve performance. The main change was to change the use of WhseID in the where clause to using WhseKey; but, some other portions of the query were moved to other areas in the query.

1327 POS ACU – Package publish fails – Site Map node with Screen FRGI00XX already exists

  • The Screen ID for FRGI0013 was changed to FRGI0030 in the FR-Customer List GI. Additionally, the new web endpoint for Customer Inquiry was rebuilt for web endpoints 17 and 20. These changes were also applied for versions 22R2 and 23R1.

1350 POS ACU – Fusion Loyalty Retry function stays enable after triggered and generates errors

  • A validation is added to disable the button when it is pressed and enable it again at the end of the process.