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Menu Menu: Configuration / Settings / Email
Feature Feature: Base
Editions Editions: Cloud, Corporate, Store

The Email settings page enables you to configure the settings used to deliver emails that are generated by POS.

Email settings must be configured at any POS tenant that generates emails. That includes order notifications and member communications.

Sender Email Address

Set this value to the email address that will be appending to outgoing emails. This should generally be an organization’s contact email address, or a no-reply email address.

Delivery Method

Ensure that this is Network.

Host Name

The host name of the organization’s SMTP server.

Port Number

The TCP port number of the organization’s SMTP server. This is usually:

  • Port 587 for an email server that supports TLS
  • Port 465 for an email server that supports SSL, which is an older encryption technology
  • Port 25 for an email server that does not support encryption

See below for a list of settings for common managed email services.

Encryption Method

Set to the encryption method that is supported by the organization’s SMTP server.

Most modern email services will use STARTTLS.

You can select Auto select encryption method if the SMTP server follows standard usage of ports (e.g. TLS for port 587, SSL for port 465, and no encryption for port 25).


In most cases, Require Credentials will need to be checked. The Use Windows Authentication option is usually not selected, unless POS is installed on a Windows Server that is managed by an Active Directory Network.

If Use Windows Authentication is not selected, you will need to enter a username and password of the email user account that is used to access the SMTP server.

Common Settings

The following is a list of the settings used by common email providers:

Provider Server Port(s) Encryption
Office 365 587 STARTTLS
Gmail 587 STARTTLS
Zoho (custom domain) 587 STARTTLS
Yahoo 587 STARTTLS