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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

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Feature Feature: Gift Cards
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You can use the Gift Cards page to search and view gift cards with POS. This page uses the standard POS grid user interface.

a) Permissions

Your permissions will control how you can search and view gift card information. There are many permissions that are related to gift cards, but the following are the main ones regarding searching and viewing cards:

  • Find gift cards, by supplying the gift card code.
    • This permission is typically granted to clerks.
    • Users with this permission are not able to see a list of gift cards, but can search for a particular gift card if they know the gift card code.
  • List all gift cards, and look up gift card by internal ID.
    • This permission is typically granted to managers and site owners.
    • Users with this permission are able to see and search a list of all gift cards.
  • View unmasked gift card codes
    • This permissions can be granted to managers and site owners.
    • Normally, digital gift card codes are not displayed as knowledge of the digital code is all that is needed to use it. Codes are ‘masked’ so that only the last digits/characters are shown.
    • This permission can be granted to users that should be able to see the actual digital code values.
b) Search Filters

The following search filters are available:

  • Status
    • The status of the gift card.
  • Code
    • The code value of the gift card.
    • This can be any type of code, including physical, external or personal codes.
  • Member
    • The ID of the member that owns the card(s).
    • This can be used to list all cards that belong to a member.
c) Gift Card Details

After searching for a gift card, the user can drill-down into a page that contains detailed information about the card. This detailed information includes the:

  • General card information, including:
    • Status
    • Owning member (if applicable)
    • Balance
  • Codes that can access the card
  • Transactions
    • This is a searchable grid of the transactions associated with the card.
    • Viewing transactions requires List gift card transactions permissions.

If the user has Adjust Gift Cards permission, the detail page includes a button to add adjustment transactions to the card.