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Basic Tax

Basic Tax

Feature Feature: Basic Tax
Editions Editions: Cloud, Corporate, Store

When the Basic Tax feature is enabled, POS Server will use the tax schedules configured for the Fusion Register to calculate taxes for all sales activity.

POS Server does not provide a user interface to configure Basic Tax. Use the Fusion Register admin tools or ERP to configure store-based taxes.

The Basic Tax feature is typically used for store-based taxes, where taxes are applied to transactions that are opened and fulfilled within the same location. Store-based taxes are appropriate for carry-out sales, specifically when:

  • The sale has no open items on order.
  • The sale has been paid in full.
  • Carry-out sales are typical in a retail physical location.

It is not recommended to use Basic Tax for open orders or items that may be fulfilled in and shipped-from different locations. Instead, a specialized tax provider integration (like Avatax) is recommended instead. The tax provider is well suited to handle the complexities of these environments.

Specialized tax integrations typically feature a Hybrid Tax mode that will use Basic Tax for carry-out sales, and the specialized tax provider for all other sales activity. This mode can help reduce licensing costs.

Review your tax requirements and responsibilities with a tax professional before enabling the Basic Tax feature.