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Version 0.15.6

Version 0.15.6

This hotfix is for Order Pad and POS Server.

Bug Fixes / Critical Improvements

6429 Specify quantity at search

  • The user can now specify the quantity of items when adding the product via search.
  • This behavior mimics the scan item screen.

6430 Edit order before checkout

  • In the final order confirmation page, the user can change item quantity and remove items from the order.

6431 6432 Orders are now assigned to individual locations.

  • The user can select their current location in a new Order Pad Settings page.

  • When viewing the list of saved carts/orders, the user will only see:

    • Carts that match their specified location.
    • And carts that have no location specified (i.e. they belong to ALL locations).
  • The location will (optionally) be appended to all newly created carts so that carts can belong to a location.

    • If a Cart has a Location, that means that it should only be available to that location.

    • If a Cart has no Location set, that means the Cart can be accessed from any location.

  • Add a “Save to Cart” option in checkout method settings. If this option is set:

    • If the Cart has a Location, the resulting order will be sent to that location.
    • The fulfillment location and/or pickup locations are not shown during checkout, as they are not needed.
    • However, if the Cart has no Location set, the order will use the normal location logic (e.g. display locations from location group, etc).

6433 General checkout/order improvements (server)

  • Checkout select customer page forgets last selected customer for the order.
  • Record the last user that modifies the order as the order’s sales person.

Important: each salesperson should have a user account defined for them in POS Server, and they should login with this account when saving and submitting orders. The user account User Name must match their sales person ID (e.g. as maintained in Acumatica or Sage), or must match the User ID of a Register Clerk.

6434 General Order Pad improvements (mobile)

  • Create a warning if you try to open another cart on top of a cart that you have started. Currently, if you try to open a saved order(cart) when you are already in an order it will delete the first order(cart).
  • Display the time on local carts in local time – not UTC.
  • When opening a saved cart, send the user to the main screen and display a ’toast’ notification.
  • Add a cart icon to the main screen to make it easier to get to the current cart and save it.