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The dashboard viewer contains the list of available dashboards, and the dashboard content for the dashboard that is selected in the dashboard list.

Dashboard Viewer

Dashboard Viewer

Users can view dashboards only if they have View Dashboards permission.

a) Dashboard List

The list of available dashboards is on the left side of the page. The list includes dashboards that have been created by the client, and stock dashboards that have been provided by Fusion for the POS features that have been enabled.

An Edit in Designer button is displayed if the user has Edit Dashboards permission, enabling the user to edit the current dashboard (or create a new one).

If there are no dashboards defined, you will see a simple Create link to create the first dashboard.

b) Current Dashboard

A user can use the Dashboard List to select a dashboard. The currently selected dashboard is displayed in the remainder of the page.

A dashboard typically contains one or more interactive dashboard items, which include charts, graphs, and lists.

Individual items in the dashboard typically have the following functionality:

  • Resize and maximize elements.
  • Hover to view data points
  • Export to PDF, image, or Excel