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Menu Menu: Manage POS / Memberships
Feature Feature: Members
Editions Editions: Cloud

The Members settings page capture settings related to member registration.

Account Creation

Select this option to enable customers to sign up for new member accounts. In most cases this option should be enabled.

You may want to disable the option, however, if your organization has a different method of enabling member registration.

Require Address & Contact Info

Select this option if you want to gather address and contact information during registration. This choice provides more qualified information about the member, at the expense of a more complex (and onerous) registration process.

This option should be selected if you want memberships to create accounting customer accounts – that is, customer records that will be exported to your accounting system or ERP. Accounting customers require addresses and contact information.

POS and ERP/accounting system integration settings are controlled through the POS Register setting.

If the register settings indicate that accounting customers should be created by default, and the Require Address & Contact Info setting is not selected, then POS will create a marketing-only customer – not an accounting customer.

Welcome Message

The Welcome message is displayed after a member successfully completes member registration.

The typical use of this field is to promote your service and the features that are available.