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Version 5.2.11

Version 5.2.11

Release notes now include new features and bug fixes for all POS components. These components include:

  • POS Server
  • Loyalty App
Bug Fixes / Critical Improvements

1314 POS ACU – License token expiring in Gift & Loyalty Acumatica customization package

  • Created a new process screen to use with automation schedule.
  • With this tool, the user can schedule the day and time he needs to invoke the refresh token.
  • If you need to check if the token is running, you can review the Automation Schedule History.

1352 POS ACU – Licensing package does not support multi-tenant scenarios

  • The token is saved into the acumatica DB([FRFusionLicense]) and not in Bin folder with this the Acumatica site is not restared when the licese is actived. The other new feature is now possible to activate licenses for each Acumatica tenant.

1394 POS Server – Loyalty App UAT – Text Misalignment

  • Removed image alt name because when the image is not available the text displayed is longer than the header section.

1395 Loyalty App – Loyalty App UAT – Profile image doesn’t load/show

  • A minor change is made to the AndroidManifest.xml for photo capture access/permissions on Android devices. Various tests are carried out with new users capturing, selecting photos and deleting photos. It is confirmed that the reported issue is not presented again.