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Shipping Method Mapping (M>A)

Shipping Method Mapping (M>A)

When the shipment is taking place in Magento, and you want to map it with Acumatica you need to select the Shipping Method Mapping (M>A). To access this, click on Kensium A-M Connection and click on Shipping Method Mapping (M>A).

Option for the Shipping Method(M>A)
Option for the Shipping Method (M>A)

Upon clicking the option, you will be redirected to the following screen.

Options in Shipping Methods Mappings( M>A)
Options in Shipping Methods Mappings (M>A)

You will have two options on this screen.

  • Map Shipping Methods:
  • Updates Schema

Map Shipping Methods will be just the reverse of A>M.

Shipment Mapping(M>A)
Shipment Mapping M>A

Updating Schema
Updating Schema