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Initializing the Connector

Initializing the Connector

When the package has been successfully published, the connector must be initialized. The purpose of this is to establish the GI, queue, and push notification capabilities of the connector in Acumatica. Navigate to the Magento Connector workspace and click [Initialize].

  1. Click on Initialize.

The connector will establish the MSMQ connection and check for the presence of the Commerce Basic package. If the Commerce Basic package is not published, the connector will not initialize and render an error message. All queues, general inquiries, push notifications, and schedulers will then be rendered after the MSMQ and Commerce Basic packages have been checked.

Connector Initialization screen
Connector Initialization screen

After the connector has been initialized successfully, the connector will now be available for testing and deactivation.

  • Test Features will allow you to test the connection, rendering a success or error message to ensure proper configuration.
  • Deactivate will allow you to Pause or Stop the connector.

    • Pause Sync to Magento will allow you to stop the sync to Magento while still collecting data to be sent to Magento when the sync is reactivated. Data will be monitored and sent when the sync is re-established. Clicking Activate will reactivate the connection.
    • Stop Push Notifications will allow you to stop the sync to Magento and data collection for sync to Magento. No data will be monitored or synced.

If you have selected [Stop Push Notifications], then the Uninstall button will be available for selection. This button allows you to delete all queues, schedules, generic inquiries and push notifications that were established by the initialization of the connector.