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Shipping Method Mapping (A>M)

Shipping Method Mapping (A>M)

Like the other mappings In Magento, you will have a mapping method for Shipping Method Mapping from Acumatica to Magento.

Click on the Kensium A-M Connector and under the Mapping column you will find the option for Shipping Method Mapping (A>M).

Shipping Method(A>M)
Shipping Method (A>M)

You will be redirected to the following screen.

Options in Shipping Method
Options in Shipping Method (A>M)

You will have 2 options on the Shipping Method (A>M) screen.

  • Map Shipping Method
  • Update Schema

Map Shipping Method -> When the Shipments come from Acumatica to Magento then you need to map the method. You need to select the Acumatica Shipvia with the Magento Shipping Carrier in the pop-up.

Shipping methods mapping
Shipping methods mapping

The custom option will allow you to create a Magento Shipping Title.

Update Schema -> This will allow you to update the existing schema. A pop-up will appear on the screen confirming that clicking on [OK] will update the existing schema.

Delete Schema -> To delete the schema, you need to go to the action button and an option for [Delete] will be available. You will be able to delete single or multiple records based on your selection,

Shipping methods mapping actions

Updating schema
Updating schema