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Manual Sync Processes

Manual Sync Processes

Manual syncs can be initiated by a user in the Real-Time Processes and Batch Processes section of the Magento Connector Workspace in Acumatica. It is important to note that while all entities are automated and scheduled, Metadata (in Batch Processes) and Update Kit Quantity (In real-time processes) are not automated and can be scheduled using Acumatica’s Automation Scheduler Functionality. Navigate to the Magento Connector workspace in Acumatica.

  1. Select the entity to sync under Batch Processes or Real Time Processes.
  2. Click Process Messages.

The messages will be processed and sent to Magento.

Kit Qty and Metadata syncs are NOT automated upon initializing the connector. If syncs are required for Kit Quantities and Metadata (such as item class and attribute data), these syncs must be accessed via the Magento Connector workspace, where an automation scheduler can be added.