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Acumatica – Magento Connector

Acumatica – Magento Connector

The Acumatica-Magento Connector by Kensium bridges Magento’s front-end eCommerce platform and Acumatica’s robust back-end business management tools. This guide outlines the configuration details for installing and implementing the connector using the following section.

Adobe announced its acquisition of Magento on May 21, 2018. This acquisition marked Adobe’s move into the e-commerce market and aimed to enhance its offerings in digital commerce and experience cloud solutions.

In the Manual or the screenshots, we advise the user to consider Magento Connector as Adobe Connector.

  • Installing the Connector Package
  • Establishing a Connection within Acumatica
  • Establishing a Connection within Magento
  • Preparing Sync Data in Acumatica
  • Configuring Syncs in Magento
  • End User Scenarios