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Magento Logs

Magento Logs

You need to navigate to the Basic Configuration section of the Kensium A-M Connector in Magento.

The Logging section of the Basic Configuration page allows a user to select the logs that can be active for actions made between Magento and Acumatica.

  1. Toggle the Logs that are needed.
  2. Enter a value for the Log Entry Lifetime, days.
  3. Enter a Log Cleaning Frequency.
  4. Select the Show in System Messages preferences.
  5. Click on Save Configuration.

At the bottom of the screen is an option to Flush Messages. This action will delete all log data if necessary.

Admin Logs

The Admin Log contains a log of all the actions made within Magento that are only visible to an admin. Clicking View next to an action will show a detailed entry of the action made.