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Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) Setup

Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) Setup

Warehouses in Acumatica can be mapped to Magento Sources to ensure proper management of inventory. To begin, navigate to the Kensium A-M Connector workspace in Magento and select Warehouse under the Mapping section.

  1. Select a Store View.
  2. Click Update Schema.
  3. Click Map Warehouse.
  4. Select a Magento Source.
  5. Select an Acumatica Warehouse.
  6. Click Save.

Additional information such as source location can be added before saving the Source in Magento, however it is not required.

Now that the additional source for inventory has been created, the stock needs to be assigned to the source. Navigate to the Store’s workspace and click Stocks.

  1. Click Edit on the stock that will be used.

    1. A new stock can be created at this step, if necessary, by clicking Add New Stock.
  2. Verify the Sales Channels that are assigned to the stock are the sales channels necessary for multi-source inventory.
  3. Click Assign Sources.
  4. Toggle the Sources from the list that need to be added to the stock.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Click Save and Continue.

The sources are now assigned to the stock and will be used on the sales channels associated with the stock. The sources can now be mapped to warehouses. The product in the Magento Catalog will now reflect the multiple sources of inventory based on their inventory in Acumatica warehouses.