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Admin Logs

Admin Logs

Admin Logs capture all the details of the logged-in user transactions activity where the configuration has been changed. It works like an audit trail on the configuration screen to identify the user who modified it and when the modification has been done. The browse includes the following columns.

The Admin Log screen with the details
The Admin Log screen with the details

Grid Name



Action time with date and time stamp.

Action Group

The action group is shown here, like Basic Configuration, Customer group, consumer management etc.


The action which has been taken by the user is displayed here. E.g., it could be create/ update or create & update.

IP Adress

The IP Address of the system from where the action has been taken is shown here.


This column indicates the username i.e., the logged-in user.

Full Action Name

The changes which have been made in the connector are displayed here.

By applying the following criteria, you can filter the records.

  • From Date
  • To date
  • Action Group [Drop-down]
  • IP Address [Textbox]
  • Username [Drop-down]
  • Full Action Name [Textbox].

You can export the record in CSV file format upon clicking on the [Export] button.