SellerCloud Connector

SellerCloud Connector

The SellerCloud Connector is a solution that enables businesses using Acumatica ERP to take advantage of omnichannel sales channel management. With the integration on both platforms, the connector allows for unified product management and inventory control to maintain consistent data across the systems. In addition, some of the unique features offered by SellerCloud Connector can be managed within Acumatica. This is made possible through mapping-driven processes that ensure consistent data flow and reflections between the two systems.


Kensium’s SellerCloud Connector for Acumatica helps to simplify and streamline your business operations with the ultimate omnichannel system optimized for your e-commerce business, sync your inventory, catalogue, purchasing, and fulfilment data between Acumatica and SellerCloud Connector.

Benefits of SellerCloud Connector

  1. Seamless data exchange allowing Acumatica to be the system of truth for Product data, attributes, etc.
  2. Allows inventory levels to be synced from Acumatica to ensure accurate values on every sales channel/marketplace. Helps avoid overselling products.
  3. Facilitates orders on SellerCloud Connector to be imported into Acumatica. Supports both Sales Orders for fulfilment at Acumatica and Sales Invoices if already fulfilled (e.g., Amazon FBA orders)
  4. Fulfillment data from Acumatica is synced back to SellerCloud Connector.