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Adjust Points

Adjust Points

menu Menu: Customers / Members > Edit Member
Feature Feature: Loyalty Points
Editions Editions: Cloud

You can use the Create Adjustment page – accessible from a member’s Loyalty Points tab – to create an adjustment transaction to increment or decrement loyalty points from a member.

Adjustments require Create loyalty point adjustment transactions permission, which are typically only granted to managers.

After reviewing the points summary information, you can enter several values for the adjustment.

  • Amount
    • The amount of points to add or remove from the member.
    • The amount should be positive to add points, or negative to remove points.
  • Ref No
    • A reference number indicating the purpose of the adjustment.
    • Examples include a transaction number.
  • Notes
    • Optional free-form notes about the reason for the adjustment.

Adjustment transactions created through this page will have a Type value set to Adjustment. You can use the loyalty points page to search for all adjustments, by specifying this Type value as a filter.