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Version 5.2.3

Version 5.2.3

Release notes now include new features and bug fixes for all POS components. These components include:

  • POS Server
  • Fusion Register
  • Order Pad
Bug Fixes / Critical Improvements

602 Execution Timeout Expired – After loading the Gift Card transactions screen from the XMS

  • Fixed issue in screen gift card transactions. This problem was more noticeable in databases with more than 30,000 giftcard records.

630 POS Server – UOM is invalid. Received a null input for a non-null field

  • Added a default “EA” value for items that are missing a UOM.

514 Register – Avalara Tax Calc Issue on Tender

  • The issue was not able to replicate using Register 5.2.3
  • 627 Order Pad – Order Pad Focus on Most recent Input

    • A new field was added in the Product class to order the items in the cart on most recent input.

    628 Order Pad – Add HOME button to search screen

    • The navigation between the Search and Product pages was modified, as well as the navigation to the main menu.