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Fulfill Orders

Fulfill Orders

The Fulfill Orders pages enables users to perform simple order fulfillment via POS.

The general order flow is:

  • A customer completes an order through the Cart App.
  • The order is directed to the appropriate fulfillment location (as specified in the checkout method used for the order).
  • The order is displayed in the Fulfill Order page of the POS server deployed at the fulfillment location.
  • A clerk can use the Fulfill Order page to search for open orders and fulfill them.
a) Fulfill Orders

The list page displays the list of orders. The page includes options to:

  • Filter by status – e.g. All, Pending, Fulfilled
  • Sort by Order Date
  • Search by Order number or customer name
b) Order Detail

Clicking an order will display the Order Detail page. A clerk can use this page to view the order details, including the:

  • Customer information
  • Shipping/pickup and contact details
  • Line items
  • Option to print the order

An option to fulfill the order is available if the order not already been completed. The clerk can fulfill the order with an optional comment that is saved with the order.