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Feature Feature: Bridgepay
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Use this page to control the integration with Bridgepay credit card payments. All fields must be entered from the integration details supplied by Bridgepay. These fields include:

  • User Name
  • Password
  • Public Key
  • Private Key
  • Merchant Code
  • Merchant Account Code

Consult the Bridgepay documentation for the meaning of these fields, and how they are used.

The private key and password fields are securely stored when they are entered.

Test Mode

The page also contains a Perform transactions against Bridgepay's test endpoint checkbox.

Select the checkbox when testing against test Bridgepay’s test servers. When enabled:

  • XMS will contact Bridgepay’s test servers, rather than production servers, to process payments.
  • Bridgepay will require the usage of test credit card numbers, expiry dates and CVC. For your convenience these are listed in the checkout page in a dropdown panel.
  • Bridgepay will fail any transactions that are less than $5, or greater than $100. This is to test error handling. Transactions between $5 and $100 will pass.