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Version 0.13.0

Version 0.13.0

a) New Features

4513 New giftcardAdd API endpoint

5025 New giftcardEdit API endpoint

5032 New giftcardTransAdd API endpoint

5033 New giftcardTransCapture API endpoint

5027 Add TenantName to logging

5028 Upgrade Orchard version t0 1.0

  • Base framework and libraries for POS

    are updated.

  • POS now requires ASP.NET Core 5.0.8 and .NET 5.0.
  • Liquid templates for emails required updates (5143).
  • Database read operations no longer initiate transactions, which should improve read performance.
  • Other changes; QA and support can review ticket 5028.
  • Theme for login page may not show correctly initially.
    • Work-around: reset browser cache.

Action Needed: developers and support will usually need to run a SQL script after updating POS to version 0.13.0.

See Open ID fix for more information.

5043 Login User names are now member IDs, not email addresses

  • This is required by Orchard 1.0 upgrade 5028
  • Automatic migrations should upgrade existing user accounts.
b) Bug Fixes

4962 Fix GraphQL endpoints

  • Includes removing some endpoints that should not be publicly visible

5031 Gift card trans authorizations for positive amounts incorrectly applies funds on auth, not capture

  • Scenario is not common, but may happen
  • Funds are now correctly applied on capture for positive amounts

5198 Email confirmation shows “page not found”

5220 Duplicate loyalty points earned by a member invited by an envoy

5222 5223 Cart app shows events even if feature is not enabled

5238 Recipes are not initializing OIDC Token Validation settings

c) Other

4964 More documentation for installation process

5012 5084 Ongoing work for import/export

  • Including users, user access, user groups, cus`tomer price groups, ship via

4981 Failed to save Onloyalty purchase information (Register)

  • Workaround in place in POS

    to avoid this error; requires additional register work

5324 Renaming/changes to customer API.

  • These would normally be considered a breaking change; however there is currently no usage of this API yet.
  • Renamed endpoint to customerto be consistent with other endpoints (non-plural).
  • Changed fields to ID GraphQL type, rather than string or long, for:
    • id (customer)
    • memberId (customer)
    • accountingId (customer)
    • customerPriceGroupId (customer pricing)
    • priceSheetId (customer pricing)
  • Rename TaxId (customer tax) to TaxNo.

5326 Rename/changes to giftcard API

  • Changed fields to ID GraphQL type, rather than string or long, for:
    • id (input and results)
    • memberId (input and results)
d) Known Issues

4871 Can’t install both OrderPad & Cart on the same Android device

  • This is a bug with the Facebook component.
  • This use case is not supported.

4966 Validations and Error Descriptions are missing in Products CSV Import

  • We should be adding better validation and error descriptions in the future.