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Avatax Integration

Avatax Integration

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Use this page to configure the integration with Avalara’s Avatax tax processor. POS Server uses Avalara to calculate sales tax for the Fusion Register and other POS components.

Tax calculations are tax calculation queries only; POS does not instruct Avatax to create tax documents.

The following fields must be entered from the integration details supplied by Avalara:

  • User Name
    • The user ID of the client, used to connect to the Avalara service.
    • This is typically an email address.
  • Password
    • The password used to connect to the Avalara service.
    • This is typically a long, random alpha-numeric value.
  • Company Code
    • The company code to differentiate this location or group of locations, as supplied by Avalara.

Consult the Avatax onboarding documentation for the meaning of these fields, and how they are used.

The User Name and Password fields are securely stored when they are entered.

Test Mode

The page also contains a Perform transactions against the Avatax test endpoint checkbox.

Select the checkbox when testing against Avalara’s test servers. When enabled, POS will contact Avalara test servers rather than production servers. This is particularly helpful to avoid polluting Avatax production logs and records with test data.

Hybrid Tax

By default, the Avatax integration will use the Avatax service to calculate taxes for all orders and sales activity.

The Use Basic (store-based) Tax for carry-out sales option can be enabled so that carry-out sales use Basic Tax calculations instead of using Avatax. Carry-out sales are sales transactions that are closed – in other words:

  • The sale has no open items on order.
  • The sale has been paid in full.
  • Carry-out sales are typical in a retail physical location.

This option can significantly reduce Avatax licensing costs for environments that perform a large volume of carry-out sales.

When enabled, the Hybrid Tax option requires that sales tax schedules are configured within the Fusion Register admin tools for the location.

POS Server does not provide a user interface to configure Basic Tax. Use the Fusion Register admin tools or ERP to configure store-based taxes.

Review your tax requirements and responsibilities with a tax professional before enabling the Hybrid Tax option.