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Product Notices

Product Notices

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Feature Feature: Products
Editions Editions: Cloud, Corporate, Store

Product notices are standard text that can be appended or prepended to the description of products.

Product notices make it easier to standardize on blocks of text that may be related to shipping information, warranty, or other information that may be shared across multiple products. Products may display zero, one or more notices.

Standard Fields
  • Code is an unique identifier for the product notice.
    • This value may be referenced by other systems, including during import and export.
    • The value cannot be changed after the product notice is first saved, unless the clerk has Change Codes permission.
  • Name is the internal name for the product notice. It is not displayed to the public.
  • Body is the content that is shown along the product description, in rich-text markdown format.
Display Order

The Display Order field specifies where the product notice is placed within the product description. It is relative to both the product’s primary description, as well other product notices:

  • Notices are sorted in ascending order; higher Display Order values are displayed last.
  • The individual product’s description is considered to have a Display Order of 0.
  • Notices with a negative Display Order value are displayed before the product description; notices with a positive Display Order are displayed after the product description.