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Product Task

Product Task

Feature Feature: Products, POS
Editions Editions: Cloud, Corporate

The Fusion.XMS.Products.POS.Tasks.ProductBackgroundTask task periodically checks for new inventory records in the Fusion POS. When a new inventory record is found, a Product content item is created.

The Product is not published as only basic information is copied. An admin should edit the Product item and provide additional information (e.g. extended description, images, and product categorization), prior to publishing.

Existing Product items are also updated:

  • For any base price changes in the POS inventory
  • For inventory that is deactivated in the POS, the corresponding product item is unpublished.

This task is disabled by default. It is not recommended to enable it for installations that have large numbers of products and/or inventory.

As an alternative, use product imports to efficiently create and maintain products.