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Version 5.2.13

Version 5.2.13

Release notes now include new features and bug fixes for all POS components. These components include:

  • Fusion Register
  • POS Server
a) New Features

1475 POS Server – Add ‘Enable Blind Refunds’ checkbox to Fortis settings

  • Added an option to enable blind refunds to the Fortis settings page. Enabling this option allows the Reister to create blind refunds.

If enabled, blind refunds must also be enabled in your Fortis admin console. See your Fortis onboarding instructions for more information

b) Bug Fixes / Critical Improvements

1135 Fusion Register – FusionPOS Multiple Ship To Support

  • Many code changes in both the Register and the Sage 500 ASI. The Sage SOs we create now have the correct ship-to address code written to each line item. The Register plays its part in this, plus no longer changes the sale header’s ship-to code from “” to “” when all items are ‘carry-out’.
  • Notes:
    • In Fusion’s FulfillMethodDef table, the AS_Method column MUST be set to “Ship” in the record that has Code = ‘S’. Otherwise, the Sage 500 ASI will not work correctly when posting.
    • The CustomFeatureSettings table MUST contain the CFS, APPLY_LINE-LEVEL_SHIPTO_ADDRS, with Value set to ‘Y’.

1243 ASI SAGE – Ship Via Code not getting set on sales orders

1453 Fusion Register – Blind Returns in Fortis

  • Validation is added that if the RefundID of the transaction that is being attempted exists, if the RefundID exists, a direct refund is made, that is, on the same card.
  • When the RefundID of the transaction does not exist, then it is validated that a blind refund is possible.
  • If blind refund is not enabled, an error message will be displayed to the user stating that blind refunds must be enabled to continue with the process.
  • Added code for proper data cleanup and initialization to prevent incorrect refunds.

RefundID is the transaction identifier that fortis provides when a sale is completed using the terminal.