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Feature Feature: Media
Editions Editions: Cloud, Corporate, Store

The Media settings pages configure how image and other media files are delivered.

This documentation is provided for reference purposes only. You do not need to change the Media settings values.

a. Media Cache

When POS is configured to deliver images and other media via Amazon S3, it will attempt to cache the media files locally to improve performance or handle temporary internet outages.

There may be situations where the cached files are out of date compared to the original files. You can use this page’s Purge All button to remove all cached files, so that new files will be retrieved from S3.

b. Media Options

This page displays the various options that are configured for media delivery. These options are configured when POS is installed.

c. Media Profiles

Media profiles provide a way of standardizing the format and size of image files when they are displayed. This can be helpful to provide thumbnail images, for example.