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Purchases Extract

Purchases Extract

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Feature Feature: Purchases Extract
Editions Editions: Corporate

Fusion POS supports purchase records to record sale transactions. By using the POS API, you can integrate your organization’s sale transactions with features such as POS analytics, loyalty points and more.

POS also supports built-in integration of purchase records with Fusion Register sales. The integration works in the following way:

  • The extraction process queries for new Fusion Register transactions at the Corporate tenant, and extracts the purchase information.
  • The process sends the purchase records to the Cloud tenant for processing.
  • The Cloud tenant saves the purchase records and processes them for things like loyalty points.

This settings page enables you to control options related to the extraction process.

Require ERP Posting

If selected, Fusion Register sales will be processed as purchase records after the sales have been posted to your ERP or accounting system.

This behavior is helpful if posting errors require manual corrections of sale data to post successfully to your ERP – as it will ensure that any corrections are reflected in the generated purchase records.

You can and should disable this option if no ERP integration is enabled.

Include Open Items

When selected, the extraction process will include open quantities on line items when creating the purchase records.

You should enable this option if:

  • The Fusion Register is not integrated with an ERP.
  • Or the integrated ERP is not configured to record invoices as POS purchases via an additional integration.

This option should be disabled if the ERP (e.g. Sage) has the POS integration package installed, and is configured to call the POS API to create purchase records when an invoice is created.

Delay Period

You can specify an optional delay period from the Fusion Register sale date and the creation of the purchase records.

This behavior may be desirable if you want to introduce a delay between the generation and usage of loyalty points, which may be the case if you would like to reduce the chance of fraudulent usage of loyalty points.