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Redeem Points

Redeem Points

menu Menu: Customers / Members > Edit Member
Feature Feature: Loyalty Points
Editions Editions: Cloud

To use their member loyalty points, a member will redeem them to a gift card which can then be applied to purchase(s). The typical way to do this is for the member to use the Fusion Shopping Cart app to redeem their points.

The POS Admin user interface also provides a way for to clerks to redeem points on behalf of a member. The clerk can use the Redeem Points page – accessible from a member’s Loyalty Points tab – to redeem points.

Redeeming points require Redeem loyalty points permission.

a) Fields

The Redeem Loyalty Points page provides summary information about the member’s current loyalty points, including:

  • Points Balance
  • Points Redeemed per Dollar
    • The amount of points that will be redeemed for ever dollar added to the gift card.
  • Redeem Limit
    • The number of maximum points and dollars that the member can redeem.
    • This is limit is time-based, and depends on their current membership level and prior amount of points redeemed in the period (usually a month).
  • Minimum Redeem Amount
    • The minimum dollar amount that can be redeemed.

After reviewing the points summary information, must enter the following values to redeem points:

  • Amount
    • The dollar amount to add to the gift card.
    • The points to be redeemed is calculated as the product of this value and the Points Redeemed per Dollar value listed above.
  • Notes
    • Optional free-form notes about the reason for the redemption.

At this time, points redemption will create (or add funds to) a member’s digital gift card. Points redemption directly to physical gift cards is not supported.

b) Transaction Behavior

Redeeming points will perform the following behavior:

  • Create a transaction on the member’s digital gift card to add funds.
  • Create a transaction on the member’s loyalty points to decrement points.