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This section describes how full-text search is configured within Fusion POS. The POS Search feature should automatically configure these values; however this section describes the settings that are made, and may be useful from a trouble-shooting perspective.

When first enabled, the Search POS feature performs several configuration steps.

Search Index
  • A new index named Search is created:

  • this name must be used, as it is the default index in POS

  • POS uses this index as the default index for its search page (/search), and for the search GraphQL endpoint

  • the index is configured to use public content types, such as Product

Search Settings
  • the default searched fields includes Content.ContentItem.FullText
  • Role permissions are also configured, so that search can be executed for different groups of users. For example:
    • Anonymous role grants Search Public information permission

    • Salesperson role grants Search Public information and Search general admin information

    • Admin role grants Search Public information and Search general admin information

Admin Index
  • The AdminIndex index is required.
  • Unlike the Search index, the Admin index is designed for content that should only be searched by administrators and sales people.
  • Currently the index is not configured with any content types.
Scan Index
  • The ScanIndex is optional.
  • The index supports searching by “scan code” – for example, an ID or product SKU. Unlike the other indexes, it is not intended for full text search.
  • This index is useful if you want to differentiate the content types used for SCANCODE searches from the content types used for FULLTEXT searches.
  • If not present, then SCANCODE searches will use the Search index, and thus the same content types used for FULLTEXT searches.

Changes to search indices and settings typically require re-building of the indices. Additionally, content items may also need to be re-published.

Verifying Search

You can verify that search works in your browser:

  • Make sure you are logged in as an admin user.

    • At this time, do NOT enable Lucene-related permissions for the anonymous role; we do not want to expose personal information to public access.
  • go to /search in your browser

  • try searching for a word that you know is listed in your products (SKU, name, long name, description)

  • currently the full word must be specified

  • you should see the products that match