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Background Tasks

Background Tasks

Menu Menu: Configuration / Tasks / Background Tasks

Fusion POS includes several tasks that are scheduled to run in the background, without user input. The exact list of tasks varies according to the POS edition and the features that are enabled.

All tasks share a common configuration user interface.

There are certain situations where background tasks require additional configuration so that they run even when POS server is idle. See the release notes Known Issues sections for more information.

a) Background Task List

The primary page to maintain background tasks provides a list of the installed background tasks. Each list item contains:

  • The name and description of the task.
  • A button to enable or disable the task. Many tasks are enabled by default; however some tasks will not be enabled if additional configuration is required before they can be run, and must be enabled manually.
  • A button to edit task settings.

Use Diagnostics to check when tasks are disabled and/or configuration is required before a task can be run. Most features that introduce background tasks support these types of diagnostic checks.

b) Edit Task Settings

The Edit Task Settings page enables you to change the schedule when a background task is run.

Currently there is no UI editor to edit the schedule – instead, the schedule is specified using the Cron expression format common to Unix systems. For more information on Cron expressions, see:

You can reset the task schedule to it default schedule with the Use Default button.

c) Task List