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Brand Settings

Brand Settings

Menu Menu: Manage POS / Brand Settings
Feature Feature: POS Default Theme
Editions Editions: Cloud, Corporate, Store

The Brand Settings page enables you to perform basic customization to the front-end (customer-facing) part of your POS site.

NavBar Image

By default, the top left corner of the POS site displays the site name, as specified in General Settings.

This optional property enables you to replace that text with a logo image instead. Some recommendations for logo images are:

  • Use transparent PNG images
  • Use an image height of 40 pixels (or multiple of 40)
  • Image width can be variable, but ensure that the image looks good if it is down-sized for its height to fit 40 pixels.
  • Keep image file size low

The color theme should be set to the theme that most closely matches your corporate brand, and (if applicable) the color scheme used within your customized Cart App.

Contact Fusion if you’d like an additional color theme to be added to the list of available themes.

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