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This section is a reference for the settings and configuration pages that are used to configure Fusion POS. POS enables flexible operation, but it is important to understand how the options are configured to utilize that flexibility.

In general, Fusion personnel will install and configure POS. This section is intended as reference for those activities.


POS is installed through an install program. The installer will set up the POS server program and web server, and ensure that required prerequisite software is installed.

After installing POS, you can open your web browser to the view the POS site. The site is usually installed at http://localhost, although this may differ depending on the install options you have selected.

First Tenant Setup

Upon viewing the POS site for the first time, a Default Tenant Setup page is shown. The steps described in this topic must be completed before continuing configuration.

Setup Guide

The POS Setup Guide can be used to continue configuration after installation.

You can access the Setup Guide through the Configuration menu. In addition, the Admin Home page provides a link to the Setup Guide if it detects the guide needs to be run. This is the case:

  • After initial installation.
  • After software upgrades, if the upgrade requires new configuration.

In this Section

The Setup Guide will guide you through most major configuration options within POS. You may also visit individual settings pages to perform additional configuration.

These pages are generally available as items under the Manage POS, Configuration and Security menus. Some settings may not be available in all POS tenant roles.