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Fortis Payments

Fortis Payments

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Feature Feature: Fortis Payments
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Use this page to configure the integration with the Fortis Payments credit card processor.

Currently, POS supports only card-present transactions performed through the Fusion Register.

The following fields must be entered from the integration details supplied by Fortis:

  • User ID
    • The user ID of the client, used to connect to the Fortis Payments service.
    • This is typically a long alpha-numeric value.
  • User API Key
    • The API key of the client, used to connect to the Fortis Payments service.
    • This is typically a long, random alpha-numeric value.
  • Location ID
    • The identifier of the location (store) associated with this POS installation, as configured in Fortis Payments.
    • The Fusion Register uses this value to filter the payment terminals that it can use.

Consult the Fortis documentation for the meaning of these fields, and how they are used.

The User ID and User API Key fields are securely stored when they are entered.

There are a few additional settings that can alter how payments are processed:

  • Poll Interval
    • The amount of milliseconds between polling attempts, where POS queries the payment terminal for results.
    • You can decrease this value to speed up the perceived responsiveness of the payment terminal, at the expense of increased number of network calls to the Fortis infrastructure.
  • Commodity Code
    • A default Commodity Code value to use for Level 3 integration, when transaction/inventory data does not supply it.
    • The default value is typically useful, but you may change it depending on the client’s industry.
Test Mode

The page also contains a Perform transactions against the Fortis test endpoint checkbox.

Select the checkbox when testing against Fortis’ test servers. When enabled:

  • POS will contact Fortis test servers, rather than production servers, to process payments.

  • The test servers will return different types of responses, based on the test credit card number and transaction amounts that are used.

  • See card numbers and transaction amounts in the Fortis documentation for more information.