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Setup Guide

Setup Guide

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Editions Editions: Cloud, Corporate, Store

The Setup Guide will walk you through the most configuration options of Fusion POS. It should be run after installing the POS software.

You can access the Setup Guide through the Configuration menu, or through the POS Admin home page. The home page provides a link to the Setup Guide if it detects the guide needs to be run.

Setup Steps

The Setup Guide will run you through a series of steps. The exact steps that are performed – and the order that they are performed – will depend on your answers during the setup guide.

As the setup guide runs, you can access context-sensitive help for each step.

After Setup

Run Diagnostics after completing the Setup Guide.

This will ensure that setup has been configured correctly, and will show additional functions that may need to be configured.

The Setup Guide guides you through the basic setup operations common to most organizations. There may be additional, optional features that can be configured for an organization.

See Features for more information.