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General Settings

General Settings

Menu Menu: Gift Configuration / Settings / General
Feature Feature: Base
Editions Editions: Cloud, Corporate, Store

The General settings page enables you to configure several settings that are related to the POS site’s behavior and appearance. In most cases the default settings are appropriate.

a) Site Tab
Site Name

The site name, as it appears on public web pages that are served by the site.

Page Title Format

A Liquid script used to generate page titles for the site’s public web pages. The default value is:

{% page_title Site.SiteName, position: "after", separator: " - " %}

Which will generate page titles like My Site – My Page.

Consult the following links for technical details on how to change this value:

Base URL

Leave this value blank.

Default Time Zone

Set to the default time zone from which your organization operates. This value is set during tenant installation.

Due to limitations with the current Fusion Register, the time zones for all POS tenants and installations within the organization must be the same. Future versions of POS will remove this limitation.

Page Size

The default number of results to show in paged list data, throughout the site.

b) Resources Tab

Leave these settings with their default values.

The only option that is enabled is Use resources cache busting.

c) Cache

Leave these settings with their default values (From Environment for cache mode).