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Feature Feature: Base
Editions Editions: Cloud, Corporate, Store

The Features page enables support to selectively enable and disable POS features. Features are the backbone of the flexibility of POS deployments.

Features can be categorized into four broad categories:

  1. Fusion POS

    • These features are optional features.
    • Administrators can manually enable and disable these features as needed.
  2. Fusion POS (Supporting)

    • These features support the optional Fusion POS optional features, and are automatically enabled by other features or by the Setup Guide.
    • Administrators do not need to manually enable these features.
    • If disabling an optional feature, an administrator can manually disable supporting features if they have determined that the supporting features are not used by other optional features.
  3. Fusion POS (Other)

    • These features are either experimental, obsolete, or intended for a organization-specific customization.
    • These features should only be enabled upon special request.
  4. Other

    • There are many other features that support POS functions.
    • These features are enabled and disabled by the Setup Guide and POS features.
    • These features should only be manually enabled upon special request.

As there is some complexity to how these features can be arranged and configured, this section describes the most important features that can be manually enabled and disabled.

Optional Features

The following is a list of optional POS features, and when they can and should be enabled.

Feature Tenant Type Use Cases
About Links Cloud Cart App (recommended)
Acumatica * Corp Acumatica integration (e.g. rollup). You must select the feature appropriate to your installed version of Acumatica.
Avatax All Perform sales tax calculations using the Avalara Avatax tax processor.
Barcodes All Create/print/download bar code images.
Basic Tax All Store-based tax calculations using tax schedules that are configured for the Fusion Register. Review tax requirements with a tax professional before enabling.
BridgePay Payments Cloud Required for online orders submitted via the Cart App.
Checkout Cloud Required for online orders submitted via Cart App or Order Pad.
Envoys Cloud Enable ‘influencer’ members to promote the service and sign up new members.
Events Cloud Manage and display customer-facing events.
Fortis Payments Any Perform payment transactions using the Fortis payments processor.
Fulfillment Any Fulfill orders in POS, from this location.
Gift Cards Cloud Track physical and electronic gift cards.
Locations Cloud Manage and display locations to the public.
Loyalty Points Cloud Generate, track and consume loyalty points.
Members Cloud Support self-managed member accounts; required by Cart App.
Membership Cloud Add membership levels to member accounts.
Orders Cloud Required by Checkout.
POS Browser Integration Corp, Store Extended UI for Fusion Registers.
Products Any Display product information.
Purchases Cloud Capture, record, analyze and view purchase information from multiple sources. This is automatically enabled if you enable Loyalty Points.
Purchases Extract Corp Gather purchase activity from Fusion Register data, and send it to the Cloud tenant. Important: remember to enable this feature on the Corporate tenant if you’d like to record purchases for Register activity, e.g. to generate loyalty points.
Rollup Corp Consolidate multiple Fusion Register sale transactions into a single ERP transaction, to reduce ERP load and activity.